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Amy Pedid smiling with husband and two dogs

I am a maitre d’ of creative projects, chef of curated color palettes and server of insight-driven presentation decks as well as a seasoned pixel garnisher. My career in art direction has been a wonderful journey of honed creative experimenting with innovative clients. Let’s chat and see how I can lend assistance to solve your design problems.


Want to see my capabilities as a communication designer? An appetizer of projects are below.



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Working With the Best Clients

Walmart logo
Ubisoft logo
Salesforce logo
Tribe hummus logo
National Child Protection Task Force logo
Johnson & Johnson logo
Delicious tortilla chips with olives, onions and red pepper hummus


It pays to update your brand's art direction. New audiences and data can create informative design improvements that lead to memory retention and repeat purchase.

NCPTF conference invitation with blue echo design

Social Change

My heart is in purpose-driven solutions. In our history, design has helped spur inspiration and innovation. Concoct the right creative recipe and you can change the world.

Front store sign for a hair salon and boutique store

Local Matters

Northwest Arkansas has been my home for a few years now. The non-profit and small business community has been an amazing source of support and opportunity. 

Brand Services

My work always involves a smorgasbord of design tools to strategically solve an array of client’s marketing problems. My main four include insightful thinking, team leadership, strategic presentations and thought-out design. If you're interested, message me to find out how I can help drive growth in your business.

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Only have a nugget of an idea? Great! Let's brainstorm and build it together.

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Not know how where to invest design energy? I love giving recommendations that bring ROI.

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Future-proof creative is closer than you think.



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